World Leading Energy Storage

 Our solution offers 4 advantages over other technologies; The highest return-trip efficiency in the world 93.5%. Responds in milliseconds and can fully charge or discharge in 5-minutes. Very long lifespan of 1-2 million cycles. We use thermal coal as a main ingredient the lowest cost and most mined mineral on earth.



Making Money & Saving the Planet

Preserving our environment, and making profit, are not mutually exclusive, the transition to a green economy has already been established and APG is proud to participate. 


Predictable Pricing & Demand

Electricity markets are designed, and required, to be predictable  in order to prevent loss of service, including blackouts.


Environmentally Conscious Profit

When you know what the price of a commodity is going to be well in advance its easy to profit from it, the hard part is making a profit while helping the environment.

Commercial Advantage


Highly Efficient

Low-Cost & Long Life

Highly Efficient

Our solution offers a proven return-trip efficiency of 93.5%, the highest of any energy storage solution in the world.


Highly Flexible

Low-Cost & Long Life

Highly Efficient

The rate in which energy storage can respond, fully charge or discharge is described as its flexibility. Highly flexible solutions have a distinct advantage over slower, long duration designs.


Low-Cost & Long Life

Low-Cost & Long Life

Low-Cost & Long Life

The cost to produce, and the lifespan directly affect the profitability of different types of energy storage. Our designs last extremely long 1-2 million cycles, and are made from the lowest cost mineral on earth.

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