About Us



Atlas Power Generation is proceeding to large scale ultracapacitor manufacturing for grid scale energy storage. Our solution is designed to be used for storing renewable energy, enabling the transition to a cleaner renewable future.


The Challenge With Renewables... Storage

Today the problem has shifted from being able to produce enough clean renewable energy for our society, to being able to store energy until it is actually needed. We can produce it, but the available storage technologies don't offer the efficiency, flexibility, long life span, and ultralow cost needed to allow the full transition to a 100% renewable electrical grid.


Rapidly Scalable

We perfected a process to transform coal into energy storage, this instead of burning it. Our solution is made from the most mined, and cheapest mineral on the planet. It's time to use the trillions invested in coal mining to bring forward the clean energy future. In addition to coal our solution can also use other low value sources of carbon such as biomass & petroleum by-products for instance petroleum or bitumen coke.